3 Simple Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Car

Here are some simple car maintenance tips to help you care for your car here at your Irvine luxury apartment community. Source: MorgueFile

Below are some tips to make it easier for you to take good care of your car at your Irvine apartment with a parking garage. Parking in a garage protects the paint on your car from fading, rust and deterioration from exposure to the elements. When that's not possible, use a car cover or at least park in the shade. If you get any scratches or nicks, … [Read more...]

Grow Your Own Garden on Your Patio

Here are some nice tips for anyone interested in fostering their own container garden here at your Irvine luxury apartment. Source: MorgueFile

Now that you live in an Irvine apartment with a patio, make sure it’s bright and beautiful. Start an outdoor container garden full of big, colorful blooms and fresh herbs. Follow these tips to help you get started. Step outside the box a bit and grow a variety of edible blooms. These will make your salads both delicious and beautiful – think … [Read more...]

For a Special Mother’s Day Dinner Check out The Winery Restaurant

The Winery is a terrific place to treat Mom to this Mother's Day!  Source: Facebook

Treat Mom to some of the finest modern cuisine for Mother's Day on May 11. Take her out for dinner at The Winery, a contemporary restaurant near Irvine. They're located at 2647 Park Avenue in Tustin. The Winery set the bar high when they were named "Restaurant of the Year" by the Orange County Concierge Association after their first year. Warm wood … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ways to Go Green

Here are some great "green living tips" to help you celebrate Earth Day here at your Irvine luxury lofts community. Source: MorgueFile

Get ready to go green for Earth Day this April 22 with these tips for your eco friendly apartment in Irvine. If you are using incandescent bulbs in your lights, remember to turn them off each time you leave a room. Because fluorescent light bulbs are more affected by switching them off and on frequently, for maximum efficiency, turn them off when you … [Read more...]

Teach Your Dog Who’s Boss


If you’ve decided to expand your family, make sure your pet friendly Irvine apartment is puppy-proof. Additionally, prepare to accept your puppy by learning how to be a good leader. Follow these tips to get started with your puppy training. You don’t need to act like a dominant alpha dog to get your pup’s attention. You may have heard of the … [Read more...]